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Mr.Shivam Thakur

International County Shooting Player, National and International Awardist Brand Ambassador of SGADF Founder of IYSA, Sab Friends, UNR News, ST Sports Member of ISAF, Partner of TNSAF

Shivam Thakur is an international pistol shooter who has ventured into Sports facilitation by encouraging students to take part in different Sports. He is the Brand Ambassador of School Games and Activity Development Foundation of Bhutani Group, Board member and National member of many sports bodies and foundations.

He is also the promoter for many companies. He is a muti- talented sportsman who is involved wholeheartedly into sports and cultural activities at a very young days. He has played Cricket at State and National level under 16 team and shooting at International level. He won several medals and Awards for shooting and cricket on India, Singapore, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries.

For his excellent achievements in sports and his hard work in propagating sports and cultural activities he has been awarded Student Ratna Award, International Croma Award, Youth Award, Voda Award and many more. He believes “ it you can believe it, the mind achieve it”.

He is directly involved in Various Sports Federations and tries his best to inspire students from all backgrounds to take part in sports and cultural activities. He presented SGADF as a platform for children to achieve their goals by adopting sports as a medium. He is continuously working with the aim of breaking vicious cycle of non-transparency of opportunity to privileged and unprivileged children.